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FMIS Timeline


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Inception Phase: 100%


FMIS project was officially kicked off
Completed development Project Management Plan

Elaboration Phase: 100%

Established Change Management Organization
Started understand and review current business process
Conduct stakeholders’ survey and interview with project’s sponsors
Analyze business processes, detailed the “To-be” business requirements
Completed stakeholders’ survey and interview with project’s sponsors
Conducted CM Workshop
Conducted Induction & Envisioning Workshop
Sign off updated Project Management Plan
Issued FMIS Project Newsletter #01
Complete building the document of current business process AS- IS
Issue Newsletter 2
Meeting between top management of MEF and FMIS working group
Received 2 severs

Construction Phase: 100%

Issued Newsletter 3
A Better Understanding of Current Business Process of Provincial Treasury and Communication on FMIS
The construction completion of Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms
Meeting between related General Department’s top management and FMWG’s chairman and members on“ Challenging Issue of Current Business Process”
Developed the Communication Strategy and Plan and Stakeholder Analysis
Issued Newsletter 4
Finalization of Chart of Account’s 8 Segments
Workshop about To-Be Business Process preparation
Completed mission on infrastructure survey and face-to-face communication as first step
PeopleSoft Training for Public Financial Management : General ledger Rel 9.2
FMIS technical training, Junos International Routing
Issued Newsletter 5

Transition Phase: 100%


Production Phase: 100%

Presentation on “Benefits of FMIS”
Exit Meeting on Audit Report at Information Technology Department
To-be Business Processes was singed off
Discussion on the FMIS END USER identification
Public Financial Management-Technical Working Group Meeting
Meeting on "Phases and activities of Financial Management Information System”
Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Go-Live 1 Ceremony
Face-to-Face Communication with 12 Provincial Treasuries for FMIS Project Implementation
Conducted a retreat at Sihanouk Province
Issued Newsletter 6
Issued Newsletter 7


Activities of FMWG for Round I
2016 Budget for National and Sub-National entities have been entered into FMIS
Successful Test on Interfacing between FMIS, National and Commercial Banks
Activities on training by FMWG
Ministry of Economy and Finance Top Management Approved on Standard of Operating Procedure (SOP) Document
Meeting on Interfacing with ASYCUDA
Activities of FMWG for Round II
Meeting between General Department of Budget (GDB) and General Department of National Treasury (GDNT)
Internal meeting on change management, challenges, and finding solutions on FMIS usage
Ministry of Economy and Finance meeting on Steering Committee Secretariat
Meeting with General Department of Budget (GDB) on Monitoring Quality and Accuracy of Report in FMIS
Information Technology Department meeting with officials of General Department of National Treasury


Revising Structure of FMIS Project Management Working Group (FMWG) Phase II
Preparation of FMIS Project Management Working Group Phase II with Line Ministries
Launching Ceremony of FMIS Phase II Implementation
FMIS Raising Awareness
Business Process Study at line ministries
Refreshment Training to Capital Provincial-Treasuries officials
Workshop on Change Management and Standard of Operating Procedure
Mission to Monitor on FMIS Usage at Provincial Treasuries
Change Impact Assessment with Line Ministries

Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Phase I has been launched and implemented successfully to key General Departments and all 25 capital-provincial treasuries.

FMIS Phase II will be extended to all Line Ministries and Sub national level in the near future.