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Aug, 2017

10 Line- Ministries Participated in Change Management and SOP Workshop

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Around 65 top management and officials from 10 Line-Ministries (LMs) participated in a workshop on “Change Management and Standard of Operating Procedure”, which was conducted by FMIS project management working group of Ministry of Economy and Finance on 27-28th of April 2017.

To begin, trainees expressed their interests on change management and public financial management reform programs in Cambodia as well as the reinforcement of budget execution and financial problems at line-ministries.

Clearly, there is always changes in any reforms; therefore, change management team of the 10 LMs will act as supporters in any changes through raising awareness, exchanging of documents, and urging for participations from all stakeholders to ensure that they all have equal understanding about the reasons for change and aware that change is not an obstacle for the reform.

All 10 LMs participating in this workshop includes Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, and Ministry of Post Telecommunications.

The 10 LMs will be the first ministries which will be using FMIS after its implementation at key general department of Ministry of Economy and Finance and at all Capital-Provincial Treasuries.

The implementation of FMIS is one important element of Public Financial Management Reform Program in Cambodia requiring participations and determinations of all relevant stakeholders for improving performance on public finance management especially in this stage of increase budget and policy linkages moving forward to stage 4.