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Jul, 2016

The Discussion between FMWG and ACLEDA about FMIS Functions

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FMIS Project Working Group (FMWG) from IT Department and General Department of National Treasury of Ministry of Economy and Finance with ACLEDA Bank Plc., held a discussion meeting on July 22, 2016 at ITD meeting room to discuss about challenges and work progress regarding the preparation of Bank Statement and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) functions.

Suggestions and solutions were raised throughout the meeting by both parties; and the results were as follows:

  • Setting up the schedule for Testing Plan. ACLEDA team agreed to follow the testing schedule proposed by FMWG.
  • Discuss about ACLEDA transaction codes which was unclear and some of the transactions codes still duplicated. FMWG and ACLEDA had unified some of the transaction codes.
  • For some of transaction codes which could not map, FMWG wanted the Bank to type in narrative fields in order to identify the transactions. FMWG would provide the scenario to ACLEDA Bank.
  • Both teams agreed to rearrange another schedule to discuss about EFT after Bank Statement goes live officially.

FMIS’ Bank Statement function has officially been integrated with the systems of National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and Canadia Bank Plc., already. Moreover, the EFT testing period at NBC has also achieved a complete success, anticipating upcoming official launch.