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Jul, 2014

2nd Workshop on the To-Be Business Process

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The 2nd workshop on the To-be business process was conducted on July 14 to 16, 2014, with participants from Director General​ and Deputy Director General of  General Department of National Treasury; Deputy Director General of General Department of Sub-National Administration Finance; Director of Department of Information Technology; Directors, Deputy Directors, Chiefs of Office, Deputy Chiefs of office and Officials  from Key General Departments/ Departments of Ministry of Economy and Finance as well as 2 consultants in the scope of FMIS.

The main objective of this workshop was to present each function of the last update To-be business process, matching process between the current business process and To-be business process, To-be business process flow, fit-gap analysis and customization scope view to FMWG; and received their feedback and comments.

The FIS-LG CNS΄s experts presented each functions based on their speciality; General Ledger and Budget Allocation module presented by Mr. ManasK.Mohaptra, Cash Management and Account Receivable module presented by Ms. Siew Lin Koay; and Purchasing Order and Account Payable module presented by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Vaila. Meanwhile, the workshop offered a great opportunity for the stakeholders to raise questions, discuss and provide comments on each function of To-be business process of FMIS and on documents they received prior to workshop. The comprehensive understanding, feedbacks and comments of participants are the most important input for preparing To-be business process of the FMIS. The comments received during and after this workshop would be used for updating and adjusting the To-be materials; it is a necessary step for submitting the documents to the top management of Ministry of Economy and Finance for checking, discussing and approving. It would also lead to the preparation of impact assessment and capacity building for the FMIS users.

This workshop completed smoothly as the participants understood the workshop’s objective; and the stakeholders commit to keep on reviewing all relevant documents and provide the feedback and comments within due date as set by FMIS contractor team.

download document: 2nd workshop of To-Be business process