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Mar, 2015

A Deep Understanding of Actual Business Processes of Budget Preparation, Management and Execution of Institutions and Sub-National Entities

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FMIS Management Working Group (FMWG) of Information Technology Department had a site visit with leaders and officials of Takeo Provincial Treasury (PT) and Provincial Economy and Finance Department (PEFD) in order to get more comprehensive study of Transaction, transaction volume, and actual business processes related to budget preparation, management and execution of institutions and sub-national entities. At the same time, FMWG also took opportunity to conduct Face-to-Face Communication with leaders and officials about FMIS project progress. FMWG had received a clear understanding of actual business processes and transactions of PT and PEFD including revenue-expenditure management and entry, as well as procurement (of line departments-ministries) and sub-national entities (Provincial Hall, City/District and Commune/Sangkat). Provincial Treasury plays an important role as an accountant to check and record all revenue and expenditure transactions, and also as a cashier who receives revenue and payments of all institutions and sub-national entities.
Regarding procurement, the Provincial Treasury is obligated to support only Commune/Sangkat‘s affairs. For line departments of line ministries and provincial hall, budget commitment must be processed through PEFD. This mission results had given critical inputs for the team to effectively and smoothly make an analysis for rolling out FMIS system to 25 capital-provincial treasuries at the end of 2015.
For further information, please download a mission report in Khmer language.

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