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Jan, 2018

A Meeting on Bidding Equipment for FMIS

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General Secretariat of FMIS Project Management Working Group has conducted first meeting with companies submitting bid Data Center for FMIS Phase II implementation on Friday 12th January 2018 at Ministry of Economic and Finance.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss with the companies in identifying particular needs and conditions for Data Center in which the team needs while all companies have an opportunity to request anything they have.

In the meeting, all participants are General Secretariat of FMIS Project Management Working Group, and representatives of the companies such as Biplan Global, Te Aik Hong, CITOO Solution PTE, First Cambodia, NTT, ARCTIC, Power Com, FPT, SunWest, HPT, TAH, SBK, and Campura Company.

Importantly, bidding on Data Center will be ended on 2nd February, 2018. Those equipment supply will be supported in FMIS phase II implementation, which will be go-live in 2018 at 10 line ministries, and 13 authorized budget entities of Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Environment; adding on existing Data Center.