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Mar, 2020

Achievements and Master Plan of Phase III for FMIS Project

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FMIS  Management Working Group (FMWG)  held a meeting to review FMIS progress and plan for Phase III of the 2021-2025 FMIS project under the leadership of HE Dr. Hean Sahib chairman of FMWG  with participation of the members from relevant departments of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The meeting went productively with active involvement of the Director General of the National Treasury and the General Department of State Property and Non-Tax Revenue on the progress of implementation of the development project, continuation in the development of the seven budget classification and planning for implementation of Phase III, which will go forward to the sub-national administration, including commune, city and district. The progress of FMIS project  achieved in Phase II includes:

  • FMIS has officially launched  to 358 sites with a total number of 1662 users
  • Has interfaced to exchange data with 04 main systems of the Ministry of Economy and Finance including ASYCUDA , the Customs revenue record system of the General Department of Customs and Excise. DMFAS, the Debt Management System of the Department of International Cooperation and Debt Management. NRMIS, a non-tax revenue recording system of General Department of State Property and non-tax revenue, as well as preparing for interfacing the system in 2020 with the tax revenue system of the General Department of Taxation, and the payroll system of the Ministry of Civil Service.
  • Banking interface report also conducted with 05 commercial banks including ACLEDA Bank, Vattanac Bank, Cambodia Public Bank, Canadia Bank, and J Trust Royal Bank.
  • The team has also been producing reports for the budget settlement law which has 10 types and four are in use.
  • Continue to strengthen the implementation of the seven budget classification and conduct any further analyzes and adjustments as required by the relevant General Departments in using these seven classification to the fullest.
  • Have been working on the business process streamlining under MEF framework, and low-risk transactions such as salary and direct payments.
  • Have been developing new module such as budget planning and public procurement functions

In addition, the project management team is also preparing the master plan for the implementation of FMIS in Phase III 2021-2025, which includes:

  • Expansion to Sub-nation Administration
  • Continuing to work on the business streamlining in one selected line-ministry, and further expand and achieve the goal of eliminating non-relevant paper
  • The rollout of new FMIS functionality and continue to extend to the budget entity
  • Develop internal management in FMIS for the audit functions
  • Obtain the ISO 27001 ISO Certification of the FMIS Data Center
  • Learn and develop the FMIS Portal system (FMIS Portal)

At the same meeting, the General Department of National Treasury and the General Department of Sub-National Administration also provided inputs to strengthen and solidify the implementation of the FMIS project to sub-national levels with consideration to develop the document scanning functionality to the central level to facilitate staff working at the area which is far away from the central of the local communes and urge to expand the system for implementing the portal networks (FMIS Portal FMIS).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]