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Aug, 2014

Bulletin 005 (July 2014)

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FMIS project implementation is at the beginning of Phase 3, Construction Phase. To catch up with the project plan, the wider team is working hard to complete the tasks on time. After receiving recommendations from top management about the To-Be Business Process design in June, the Business Process team has been developing the To-Be Business Processes and completed about 90% for the system construction. The consultants and Business Process team are paying attention to the To-Be Business Process with relevant departments and this work is planned to finish in August. As the contractor is focusing on the modules of FMIS and the processes in the software, the team of Information and Technology Department has been mapping the End-To-End To-Be Business Process including steps not in the software. This task is about 80% complete, and the team has been preparing an impact assessment for FMIS’s implementation. The working group will request for the approval to proceed from the top management after this work is done.

The Change Management team and the consultant are working very closely to recheck the draft “Communication Strategy and Plan” and review the “Stakeholder Analysis” that is the fundamental tool to develop the strategy for managing stakeholder during the implementation of change management. This strategy will be updated from phase to phase. On 28th July the change management team lead convened a meeting about “Challenges of Communication and the Ongoing Tasks” aimed at resolving the issues and improving daily work to engage stakeholders and deeply understand change management. In order to enhance knowledge of FMIS and strengthen the communication with provincial treasuries, the change management team will visit 25 capital-provincial treasuries according to Communication Strategy and Plan. For the first step, the change management team will visit two provincial treasuries at the end of August and beginning of September.

The construction of Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms is 70% complete. The project team has imported equipment for the second phase, and has been preparing the official documents that need to be cleared through customs and excise office for the third phase. The infrastructure team has been reviewing the locations for setting up FMIS’s network to the relevant Departments. Furthermore, this team plans to visit 25 capital-provincial treasuries for configuring FMIS’s network in the future.

FMIS project is being moved from phase to phase, so we require working groups pay more attention to this project to successfully implement FMIS system.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
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Office Phone: 023 430 063

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