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Oct, 2014

Bulletin 006 (August 2014)

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Currently, FMIS’s implementation is moving forward in ​Phase III (Construction Phase) according to the master plan. The working group is industrious to finish of pending tasks of Phase II (Elaboration Phase), especially the To-be Business Process design. Each module of To-be Business Process design is 95% completed, and the working group is starting to design the template of change impact analysis. The End-To-End Business Process design made by Information and Technology Department is 86% completed. The meeting with relevant general departments was held and led by H.E Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Chairman of FMIS working group, aims to solve the challenging issues on business process practice which considered as the main inputs of FMIS system design.

At the end of August, The Change Management and Business Process team conducted site visits to some provincial treasuries in order to get deeper understanding about current business process, and it was the first step of face-to-face communication as part of FMIS’s communication plan. The construction of Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms will be completely finished in September; and they will be supplied of electric current and other IT equipment. The Infrastructure Team also expedite the third stage of import process for data centers equipment which need to be cleared through custom and excises office. The working group plans to conduct the site visit to study and survey the location for installing the server at 25 capital-provincial treasuries from the beginning of September together with the Change Management team to implement the face-to-face communication activity.

Each FMIS implementing site, namely national and sub-national must pay much attention on reviewing its staff capacity and organizational function “like we look into the mirror to see a reflection of ourselves” which was kept telling by H.E. Dr. Oun Pornmoniroth, Minister of Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as by SamdachTeChou, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia. Especially, to review on any inactive work and future goad of organizations in this deep-reform phase.


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