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Oct, 2014

Bulletin 007 (September 2014)

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Reaching the Phase 3, Construction Phase, communication to disseminate information on FMIS’s progress to general departments, departments, and 25 capital-provincial treasuries is kept going without delay. During September, The Change Managemen­t (CM) and Infrastructure team visited some provincial treasuries to conduct face-to-face communication activity and to survey the location of FMIS sites for setting up FMIS’s database server. The CM consultant also conducted workshop aimed to improve the capacity of CM team for a better and effective change management implementation. At the same time, the consultant and CM team finalized the Stakeholder Analysis, Communication Strategy and Plan, and Change Impact Analysis Template (analyzing the impacts of change during October and November 2014).

The development of To-Be Business Process is 98% completed and End-to-End To-Be Business Process, which has been mapping by the IT Department’s officials, is 90% completed. On 1st and 26th September, 2014 H.E. Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), convened meetings with relevant general departments to discuss and sort out any challenges of the current business process practice which are not logical for designing and keeping the international best practice of FMIS as other countries in the region and globe. The challenges that impeded FMIS system design have been sorted out, however some problems considered as negative effect on budget preparation and execution will be brought into Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) as a policy issue and be solved by MEF’s senior management.

The construction of Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms is completely finished. Currently, the working group is installing electricity system and IT equipment which was imported and arrived at the MEF. The Infrastructure team also continues to import other equipment and supply items for the next stage, which need to be cleared through customs and excise office. The Application team and Business Process team have been working together to design the main document, System Application Design, that is a solid foundation for FMIS system configuration.

The Construction Phase which is planned to finish in December, 2014 will be delayed until February, 2015. The delay is due to the retard of To-Be Business Process design, budget classification, import of data centers’ equipment, and the limited understanding of contractor on the current business process of Royal Government of Cambodia as well as the limited understanding of relevant officials on automated FMIS system. Limited understanding really needs strong proactive and active change management and communication strategy. Nevertheless, this delay will not affect the FMIS rollout in July 2015.

In this phase, FMIS working group is in hurry to finish pending tasks in phase II and current tasks in phase III. Therefore, each member must pay more attention on his or her responsible project work. Relevant officials from general departments, departments, and especially provincial treasuries, please continue to cooperate and keep abreast of latest information on FMIS’s status in order to be ready for the use of the system in the mid-2015.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
Office Phone: 023 430 063

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