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Dec, 2014

BULLETIN 009 (November 2014)

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Even though, there are challenges need to be solved, the FMIS working group has been continuing its work to accelerate the completion of key tasks in construction phase in order to meet the timeline. The final approval of General Department of Budget on the To-Be Business Process of FMIS provided by the contractor team is under review in which requires having further discussion, confirmation, and revision on some critical points. On 13-14 November, 2014, the Business Process Team conducted the FMIS demonstration to provide the working group with visualization on how the FMIS system works focusing on the some scenarios which cover only core transaction related to 6 FMIS modules such as: General Ledger (GL), Budget Allocation (BA), Purchasing (PO), Account Payable (AP), Cash Management (CM), and Account Receivable (AR). At the beginning of December, the next demo will cover in detail core transaction and reports. The Business Process Team together with commercial bank team also have continued discussing on interfacing between bank system and FMIS system, particularly on the bank statement.

The mission to provincial treasuries to enhance face-to-face communication focusing on FMIS project implementation and to survey the location of FMIS site for setting up the IT equipment is completed in November. The Change Management (CM) team is consolidating report and preparing the upcoming tasks regarding the face-to-face communication with general departments, departments, and provincial-capital treasuries by focusing on FMIS Demonstration. The impact analysis, which is produced by contractor team, has been reviewing by the departmental CM members and CM consultant. The training plan for IT technicians and FMIS users is being prepared and put on the table many time with contractor for discussion to ensure successful and effective training for stakeholders.

The installation of electricity system and other IT equipment in the Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms is completed. The Data Center’s servers and other IT equipment are being configured and is planned to complete soon for the purpose of testing before the official start up. The other system’s supply items and software license that need to be cleared through customs and excise office are being imported.

To date, the key tasks for constructing the FMIS system are gradually done even though there are challenges. Therefore, all working group’s members, please continue getting involved and paying attention to your core responsible tasks, especially participating in any discussion to solve the problem together with other working group’s members and contractor team to make sure all the pending and upcoming tasks finish on time. As for All relevant officials, please keep yourself abreast of the progress of FMIS implementation and participate in workshops and other events that conduct by working group to understand deeply on FMIS.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
Office Phone: 023 430 063

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