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Jan, 2015

BULLETIN 10 (December 2014)

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The Business Process team has completed the final To-Be Business Process of key General Departments except General Department of Budget which requires some more revisions on its final to-be process document and plans to finish in January 2015. Interfacing with other systems, the discussion has been continued among specialist teams, particularly with bank teams on the methods for cheque system. For the translation from English into Khmer of FMIS application, ITD team has been reviewing on gaps and meaning to get further improvement.

 At the end of November and the beginning of December, 2014, the change management (CM) and training team in cooperation with the World Bank, conducted 3 workshops for relevant General Departments of MEF and Line Ministries about “Knowledge and Experience Sharing on FMIS implementation” presented by Mr. Ali Hashim , the World Bank’s specialist. The workshops focused on knowledge transfer of FMIS implementation, Interfacing with other system, and the scope of FMIS in the future implementation which is going to expand to Line Ministries. Beside this the CM team, CM consultant, and contractor team have been putting much attention on change impact assessment in which this task is required a strong cooperative work from each relevant General Department to find out what are the impacts from implementing FMIS in order to submit to the MEF top management. Alongside these tasks, the CM team has continued preparing face-to-face communication focusing on FMIS project implementation and demonstration with General Departments, Departments, and Provincial-Capital treasuries in order to ensure readiness for the upcoming FMIS rollout.

 FMIS Data Center installation and configuration is complete and the contractor team is testing and training to MEF’s IT technicians such as System Developer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, and so on. Other trainings will also be provided by the contractor to ensure a successful and sustainable FMIS’s operation. The system application configuration is being gradually progressed after receiving essential data and information from key general departments.

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