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Feb, 2015

BULLETIN 11 (January 2015)

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Key activities at each stage are able to implement in parallel without waiting for one implementing phase is completely finished. Even though there is a delay on the sign off on the To Be Business Process, it does not provide any negative effect on the next phase implementation. FMIS system configuration is still moving forward plan and currently the construction phase has been achieved about 46%. In terms of interfacing with other systems such as ASYCUDA, DMFAS, PAYROLL, National Bank and commercial bank, the team has come up with great results and is continuing to discuss on some technical issues on method of using Electronic Fund Transfer with the bank team. For the translation from English into Khmer for FMIS system, the FMWG of Information Technology Department (ITD) is prudently reviewing the gap of technical meaning in order to make meaning simple and easy to understand by users when the system is up and running.

The FMWG of ITD planned to conduct FMIS system demonstration together with its benefits for Ministry of Economy and Finance’s senior management as well as heads of General Departments and Departments in the purpose of getting them deeply understand about the FMIS system and its function to be ready for the roll out in July, 2015. The change management (CM) team, the change management consultant and the contractor team have been continuing to assess on the change impact in order to produce key detail result of impacts. The CM team is also closely learning on the six modules (General Ledger, Budget Allotment, Account Payable, Purchasing, Account Receivable and Cash Management) of FMIS to strengthen its capacity for the next communication campaign with all relevant stakeholders, which will focus on the FMIS demonstration and its benefit.

To provide enough equipment and time to focal officials for accessing and testing the system before getting upcoming training courses on functional area, the computer installation in both training rooms will be equipped soon. presently, the contractor has provided some pre training courses “on how to use PeopleSoft system” to FMWG to receive the fundamental knowledge regarding how to use the system before attending the FMIS training course based on training plan. Besides, the training team is preparing a detailed training plan​ to fit the rollout implementation plan and to ensure the quality of training for focal official and FMIS users. Regarding the infrastructure, the team finished the network installation in the training rooms for System Integration Test (SIT) and Unit Test (UT).

We require to all FMWG actively attend every training course provided by the contractor to understand more clearly about PeopleSoft , particularly each module because the FMWG members will become focal officials to provide support to the other users at relevant General Departments and Departments. For other related officials, please continue keeping yourself abreast of the project progress to prepare yourself to be ready to get involved in the upcoming FMIS functional training courses.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
Office Phone:

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