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Mar, 2015

BULLETIN 12 (February 2015)

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The To-Be Business Processes have been signed off by relevant General Departments-Departments for getting an official approval from management of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). On 11th February, 2015 at the main building of MEF, the FMIS working group (FMWG) of Information Technology Department (ITD) of General Secretariat of MEF, conducted a presentation on“Benefits of FMIS” which was graced by H.E. Dr. Aun Pornmoniroth, the Minister of MEF and attended by Secretary and undersecretary of states of MEF. The presentation was divided into two parts, the first part focused on an overview of the FMIS implementation including implementation stages, project’s progress, and change impact analysis; and the second part focused on “FMIS Demonstration” along with benefits of the FMIS. For the detail information, please visit website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/en/news-en/presentation-on-benefits-of-fmis-2/. Our team will continue conducting other presentations together with FMIS demonstration for relevant General Departments-Departments and Capital-Provincial treasuries as plan.

The construction phase of the FMIS project implementation is 51% complete, and transition and production phases have been starting with 6% and 2% complete respectively. Being at this important phase, the team and the change management consultants are analyzing the detail change impacts and will submit this document to the Minister for review and approve in March. Moreover, for the Fit Gap Analysis, the team is also analyzing and reviewing between capacity of the system and what was stated in the contract. The interfacing with other system such as ASYCUDA, DMFAS, Payroll and the national bank of Cambodia and commercial banks (ACLEDA and CANADIA), the team has been reaching the final agreement on method and data for interfacing. The Data Conversion team and the contractor team have been discussing with General Departments-Departments involved on the data transfer from KIT system, the GDNT’s system, into the FMIS system to be ready for the upcoming go-live. The FMIS system translation from English into Khmer has been done gradually by focusing on each module.

The contractor has been offering the basic training as pre-insight on the 6 modules (in bulletin 9) of FMIS PeopleSoft to the FMWG to be the fundamental for official training program and to assist the team to be able to continue helping the end users trainings. The infrastructure team has been surveying at relevant General Departments-Department s for the network installation for FMIS system.

The FMWG member, please continue your tasks as plan and participate actively to respond timely to any queries from the contractor, so that the development of the system will achieve as plan. Particularly, all members have to attend any extra pre-training strictly to gain the knowledge on PeopleSoft clearly to be the fundamental for the real practice and use that knowledge to help training other targeted end users in your departments before go-live in July 2015. Meanwhile, the FMWG of the General Departments-Departments please continue to disseminate FMIS information to your colleagues through any means in order to provide the update information about FMIS implementation and to deepen understanding of all relevant officials.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
Office Phone:

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