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May, 2015

BULLETIN 14 (April 2015)

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According to the master plan, FMIS implementation will be officially go lived in July 2015. In this situation, the Joint Team planned to make a presentation on the progress of FMIS together with the FMIS demonstration based on daily work to show to senior management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the key General Departments-Departments the end-to-end processes when implementing in the system. The key General Departments-Departments sent the number and name of FMIS users, but the Joint Team and the consultant has been discussing and analyzing in order to match an appropriate number and name to the use in FMIS system based on their daily work/transaction. This task will require a further discussion between FMWG and Key General Departments.

The FMWG finished the System Integration Test 1 (SIT1) based on the Test Case and Test Script to check errors and correct before go-live, and the team has been sending the all issues to the contractor to make changes before the User Acceptance Test 1 (UAT1) starts. The FMWG plans to start the UAT1 in May participating by some key General Departments-Departments’ members and using real data. This stage is the moment that requires the stakeholders test on the system by using their real data for examining errors and modifying before reaching the UAT2 ahead of go-live in July and all modules in November 2015. Regarding the interfacing with ASYCUDA, DMFAS, Payroll, and national bank of Cambodia, the team will finish soon. The Data Conversion team is extracting the data from various systems such as KIT system to clean before transferring to the FMIS system.

The communication through website, meetings, and events, the Change Management team has been kept implementing and modifying the communication plan tailoring stakeholders to get them more understanding about FMIS particularly the FMIS users. The FMWG received the administrator training for General Ledger and Budget Allocation and they will receive trainings on other modules later, then the FMWG will be able to pass on this knowledge to responsible FMIS users. The ICT Infrastructure team continues conducting further site survey for network installation at the identified locations and studying deeper on the Data Center for risks preventing.

We urge all the FMWG members to participate actively in any tasks, particularly get involved in the advance test on the FMIS system to modify and adjust the system in line with current task and to reach smoothly and successfully the forthcoming go- live of FMIS .

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
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