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Jul, 2015

BULLETIN 16 (June 2015)

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Before FMIS Go-Live 1 on July 20, 2015, which focuses on the two main modules, General Ledger (GL) and Budget Allocation (BA), FMIS Management Working Group (FMWG) conducted a meeting on “the Phase and Activities implementation of the FMIS”, headed by H.E. Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance and Director of FMIS project with participants of all relevant General Departments-Departments. The meeting aimed to instill all key stakeholders the better understanding about the main activities and the necessities of the participation of key General Departments-Departments to officially for the FMIS Go-Live 1 and other Go-Live until March, 2016 (For further details information, please visit website:https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/news/progress-information-on-fmis-implementation/). Related to the selection of the FMIS users, the relevant General Departments have already selected their officials. Currently, FMWG has been conducting the training for FMIS users for Go-Live 1 in July 2015, and there are about 16 FMIS users. In addition, FMWG is also proposing to the relevant General Departments-Departments to send their focal officials to attend the Super User Training aiming to assist their FMIS users during the implementation of FMIS system in October 2015.

 After finishing the User Acceptance Test I on the GL and BA, The responsible team is clearing the remaining tasks for Go-Live 1. Whereas other modules are ongoing for SIT 2, which are attended by key General Department-Department, then moving to the User Acceptant Test 2 which allows the stakeholders to practice all the conditions, particularly related to the their daily operation. For the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), the technical team and the National Bank of Cambodia team are working very closely to synchronize both systems. The Data Conversion team is also working with the GDNT to retrieve data from KIT to put into the FMIS system for the Go-live 1. For the interfacing with other systems such as ASYCUDA and Payroll system, the team continues to discuss and plans to finish soon.

The Change Management team keeps implementing in accordance with the plan through Face-to-Face communication, website, meeting, and other events to expand the understanding of the change to all users. The team and the consultants have been modifying the action plan to be more effective to mobilize the stakeholders to increasingly support the implementation of the FMIS. The team also received training from Mr. Erwin Ariadharma, the Change Management Consultant of the World Bank, related to the change management and the experiences of the FMIS implementation FMIS in Indonesia. The ICT infrastructure team is installing the Wall Point to key General Departments-Departments for the FMIS users, with 60% completed. The installation of the Wall Point for Go-live 1 will be completed one week ahead of the implementation of FMIS in July 2015.

We advise all stakeholders to seek the information on FMIS implementation by all means in order to get the most updated information for readiness to involve and support the use of FMIS shortly.

For detail and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

Website: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh
E-mail: fmis.info@mef.gov.kh
Office Phone:

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