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Jan, 2016

Bulletin 21 (December 2015)

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After launching of the 6 modules (General Ledger, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Cash Management, Budget Allocation, and Purchase Order) at Central Level, FMIS system will soon be implemented to 25 Capital-Provincial treasuries, which will be started from early January 2016 and focused on 5 main modules (General Ledger, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Cash Management, and Budget Allocation). After 2 months of implementation in key relevant General Departments-Departments, majority of the end-user have gained better understanding and more effectiveness regarding the use of FMIS system, which show highly support from all relevant officials. The functional teams have successfully constructed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all the relevant Departments. This procedure will surely enable the effectiveness and efficiency of FMIS implementation. It will also be the prototype standard process for key relevant General Departments-Departments to continue constructing other SOPs by their own resources.

Data Conversion team still continue interfacing with DMFAS system, and Bank Statement and Electronic Fund. For the ASYCUDA and Payroll systems, the technical team continue solving the current issues in order to extract data for FMIS system.  However, the team is still facing some complicated issues that need to discuss with all relevant General Departments-Departments regarding to accounting date, closing period, budget reconciliation.

Change Management Team is continuing conducting change management action specifically on communication with all means in order to communicate to all stakeholders through meeting, website, and other events to engage them more about change readiness to all users. On December 25, 2015 at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the team has successfully hold a workshop about “Champion and Change Agent Network”, which attended by top management of ITD, functional teams, World Bank representative, and 25 change agents from each Capital-Provincial treasuries. The purpose of that workshop is to present to all change agents regarding to the benefit of evolution from manual to FMIS implementation at their Capital-Provincial treasuries.

Business Process Team also completed conducting a training course for end users from all 25 Capital-Provincial treasuries for 4 main modules: Accounting Receivable, Accounting Payable. Cash Management, and General Ledger.  Infrastructure Team is still continuing installing computers, printers, and scanners for the last phase at remaining Capital-Provincial treasuries, and expected to be done by January.

        FMIS Project is being implemented for almost all Capital-Provincial treasuries, so all relevant officials have to pay attention on supporting and participating more actively in FMIS implementation to make sure the success of our FMIS project.

 For other and further information, please visit the website or contact through E-mail or office phone below:

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