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Jan, 2016

BULLETIN 22 (January 2016)

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Starting from early January 2016 FMIS system has been officially implementing to 16 capital-provincial treasuries which mainly aims only 5 modules.  During the implementation, the FMWG from ITD has gone supporting and instructing end users in order to make sure that the users would have enough capability to use FMIS system with their daily task. Meanwhile, Functional Team is finalizing the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for Procurement to Pay Processes in FMIS system before submitting to top management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance to check, approve. If the SOPs would be approved, they would be implemented to all relevant General Department-Department. This will also be the prototype standard process for those key Departments to continue constructing other SOPs by their own resources.

In addition, Business Process team is also completing interfacing with ASYCUDA and Payroll, and is dealing with some remaining issues before interfacing with FMIS system. On the other hand, Change Management team continues to implement the remaining change management actions by updating stakeholders about the system progression through meeting, face-to-face interaction, website, and other events so that the users are well informed about the benefit that the users and relevant stakeholders would receive. On the top of that, change agents at the 25 provincial treasuries are playing important role to support and improve capacity of FMIS users.

Training Team is preparing training courses for end users from 9 provincial treasuries, which will be implemented FMIS system on February 15, 2016. Last but not least, Infrastructure Team continues installing computers, printers, and scanners at remaining provincial treasuries, and will complete in February.

FMIS timeline

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