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Mar, 2016

BULLETIN 23 (March 2016)

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By the end of February, FMWG from IT Department has completely installed FMIS system to all 24 capital-provincial treasuries, except Siem Reap that will be started at the end of March. From day to day, the capability of end users have improved significantly, and this proves that they have better understanding about the current processes and benefits of FMIS system, which helps to reduce workload at the present and future. Meanwhile, Functional Team has finalized Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for Procurement to Pay Processes in FMIS system, and it was approved by the top management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

In addition, Business Process team has successfully finished interfacing with National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and Commercial Banks to extract Bank Statement. On top of that, the team has also tested using Electronic Fund Transfer with NBC, and hopefully to be approved by top management of MEF for official launching. In addition, the team is working on completing interfacing with ASYCUDA system and Payroll system in order to extract data for FMIS system and expect to finish in the near future.

Change Management Team continues to implement the remaining change management actions by updating stakeholders about the system progression through meeting, website, and other events so that users are well informed about benefits and functions of the system. Moreover, change agents at the 25 provincial treasuries are playing important role to support and improve capacity of FMIS users. Change Management specialists are also exploring challenges to the systems and identifying strategies to motivate users to have positive perception about the system.

Training Team has successfully completed FMIS training for end users at the 25 treasuries, and the team has been continuing to support users in MEF and all provincial treasuries via e-mail, HelpDesk tool and other electronic means. Last but not least, Infrastructure Team already completed installing computers, printers, and scanners at all provincial treasuries, and continues to provide technical supports to all FMIS sites.

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