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Jun, 2016

Bulletin 25 (May 2016)

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By the end of April, it has been 4 months that FMIS system has been implemented to all 25 capital-provincial treasuries, and the end-user’s capacity in using the system has also improved significantly. This is a great success for FMIS Phase I implementation. Meanwhile, FMIS Management Working Group (FMWG) continues to provide training support for end-users at the 25 provincial-capital treasuries and central offices of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) to make sure that the users can master the system effectively for their daily tasks. FMWG team from IT Department is working to have the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) from Procurement to Pay Processes published and distributed to all relevant stakeholders to use as manual for FMIS implementation. In addition, international experts from World Bank has been reviewing draft of SOPs related to work operation within central offices of MEF and capital-provincial treasuries.

Business Process team has completely installed Electronic Fund Transfer function with National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) into FMIS system; however, an approval from the top management of MEF is needed for an official launch. Moreover, the team is working on completing interfacing with ASYCUDA system and expecting to finish in the near future. On the other hand, FMWG team decided to suspend interfacing with Payroll system because the data is not sufficient for FMIS system.

Change Management team continues to implement the remaining change management actions by updating stakeholders about the system progression through meeting, website, and other events to get support and engagement from relevant users. In addition, the team also prepared check-list and survey form to be used during the second onsite support at capital-provincial treasuries from May to July. Furthermore, the team also held technical meeting with the General Department of Budget and the General Department of National Treasury to get additional inputs to improve the FMIS system.

Training team has been conducting offsite support and preparing for onsite support in the beginning of May. Following the request from capital-provincial treasuries, the team will work with end-users to enhance their knowledge in using FMIS system. Infrastructure team continues to monitor the system from the data center in MEF, conducts onsite system check-up and hardware maintenance at the 25 provincial-capital treasuries.

To all relevant officials especially the users at capital-provincial treasuries, please pay attention and enter all transactions into FMIS system regularly. FMWG team will continue to support at any time in order to archive goal for FMIS implementation.

Please download the News Bulletin Issue 25 (May 2016) at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2016/07/Bulletin_25_Eng.pdf