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Jul, 2017

Bulletin 38 (May, 2017)

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General Secretariat of FMIS project Management Working Group (FMWG) has been actively contributing their activities in making FMIS project to be successful according to plan. As a result, this May, the group has finished the discussion on technical requirements and conditions in order to prepare biding documents and other technical materials to support FMIS Phase II implementation. Moreover, 5 additional computers have been provided to General Department of National Treasury for assisting on their temporary daily work.

In the meantime, ICT Infrastructure Team has set up a new network connection with Vattanac Bank in order to interface their bank statement with FMIS. The team has improved and strengthened on security after having a consultation with Security Company.

On the other hand, change management team has conducted several meetings with Line-Ministries to collect more input in order to do the assessment on Change Impact which may arise during FMIS implementation. Besides, the team has also had several meetings with key General Departments of Ministry of Economy and Finance, who have been using the system since Phase I, to obtain more inputs to improve the current standard operating procedure. The team continues to publish the progress of FMIS project through videos, news, and posters series on websites and social media. Last but not least, the team has finished the draft workshop plan with capital-provincial treasuries and provincial economy and finance departments. The workshop is expected to be conducted at the end of upcoming June 2017.

Likewise, business development team has finished studying on and drawing current business process of the 10 line-ministries; and prepares to draw the To-be business process. After several successful pilots on implementing Express Payment, the team plans to have a meeting with general department of national treasury to approve on this implementation. At the same time, the team continues on studying and identifying organizational structure and strengthening security of the system through the feature of “Multi Business Unit-MBU.” The establishment of MBU allows users at all budget entities of line-ministries to only see their own transactions and reports.

The active participation of top management of line ministries a long with the highly cooperative officials at all levels are essential elements in making the pilot of FMIS, to be held at the end of 2017, at 10 Line Ministries successful.

Please download the News Bulletin issue 38 at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/07/Bulletin_38-Edited-SVB.pdf