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Bulletin 40 (July, 2017)

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On the July 12th, FMIS project management working group (FMWG) has conducted a workshop on the Progress of Implementing FMIS at Capital-Provincial Treasuries and Inputs for FMIS Project Implementation to Capital-Provincial Economy and Finance Departments who will start piloting FMIS in upcoming 2018. In addition, the working group has also conducted FMIS raising awareness at Ministry of Rural Development per requested from the ministry and conducted presentation about FMIS to Lao PDR honorable guests to share experiences in managing and implementing FMIS project.

In this month, business analysis team has successfully piloted interfacing financial statement between Vattanak bank and FMIS and planned to start the official interfacing on 01st of August 2017. The next target is the interfacing between FMIS and TAX SYSTEM of General Department of Taxation. After receiving the approval on the To be business Process as well as number of users from some line ministries who will be piloting the system in this year, FMWG is working on preparing documents of each module and technical needs to strengthen the security by dividing transactions based on budget entities, which is called Multi-Business Unit.

In order to expand knowledge on FMIS to relevant stakeholders and public, the group has also finished producing videos describing FMIS logo and an animation talking about the Before and After using FMIS of financial officers of Ministry of Economy and Finance, which have been published on social medias and FMIS website. Capacity building wise on Information Technology is very essential for supporting the daily tasks. In preparation for the upcoming use of FMIS, the working group has conducted training on basic IT skills for officials of all general departments of MEF in total of 80 participants. The team will continue conducting the training to officials from capital provincial economy and finance departments and the 25 capital provincial treasuries in upcoming August. Lastly, in response to a mission letter of general department of internal audit (GDIA) and to ensure an effective management and implementation of FMIS, FMWG has actively involved in providing location for 05 officials of GDIA to evaluate and monitor based on their mission, as well as providing law and regulations letters and related documents per requested.


FMWG requests for cooperation from 10 line ministries for the upcoming pilot of FMIS at the end of 2017.