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Oct, 2017

Bulletin 41 (August, 2017)

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For this August, FMIS project management working group (FMWG) has welcomed delegations of Lao People’s Democratic Republic, who come to Cambodia for experience sharing on the successful implementation of FMIS Phase I and Phase II plan. Besides this, FMWG has also opened up the bidding documents on packages of End Users and WAN/LAN equipment in FMIS Phase II implementation.

User licenses have also been provided for relevant officials. By the end of this month, 55 licenses have been provided to General Department of National Treasury and their capital-provincial treasuries while 01 has been provided to Department of Investment, assisting users on the overloaded financial transactions.

On the other hand, in order for the public, officials, and top management to have a better understanding on the success story of FMIS Phase I implementation, change management team has documented The True Success Story of FMIS Phase I Implementation in Cambodia that will be published to the public soon. The team also keeps on updating on the social medias, websites, posters, and animations following important information of the implementations to all relevant stakeholders.

The development on FMIS capacity to operate smoothly and ensure data security are important tasks to guarantee a sustainable development; meanwhile, the data center, which is a foundation for FMIS operation, has been closely monitored daily. On the other hand, workflow and current business process’s description of the 10 line ministries have been finalized. Therefore, the team continues to develop FMIS for Phase II implementation that will be operated as Multiple Business Units. 2015 data has also been cleared thanks to the close collaboration between ITD and general department of national treasury working group in year-end book closing in FMIS for 2015 and continue to 2016.

Capacity building on technology for officials is one the most important elements in this project implementation. In this month, the working group has finished the trainings on foundation of information technology to officials from capital-provincial economy and finance departments, and capital-provincial treasuries, in total around 163 officials. Additionally, officials from information technology department have also received more trainings on leadership skills and information technology abroad.

The working group continues to study on the workflow aligning with users identification provided by line ministries in order to prepare for the trainings in November; therefore, we seek cooperation from all relevant stakeholders to be ready for the upcoming training attentively. 

Please download the PDF file at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/10/Bulletin_41-English.pdf