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Nov, 2017

Bulletin No.42 (September 2017)

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For this September, general secretariat of FMIS project management working group (FMWG) had presented and spread awareness on achievements and shared experience on “The implementation of Public Financial Management Reform Program” to exchange experience with other countries who have many years of experience in implementing Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP).

Furthermore, FMWG has also held an internal meeting to solve several challenges relating to the preparation for FMIS implementation to 10 line ministries for 2018 financial year. In this meeting, the working group has presented on the new feature called “Multiple Business Units” to all working groups to better understand this special feature which makes FMIS more feasible and secure.

Meanwhile, in order to build capacity of government officials in using FMIS effectively, capacity development team has also met with relevant working group to identify training contents, head trainers and FMIS users at line ministries in order to prepare for FMIS users’ training in accordance to plan as schedule attached.

Change Management: Change management team continues on updating news on the website, social media, and publicizes various posters while also producing videos to spread awareness to relevant stakeholders as well as the public to better understand activities of the implementation and the latest status.

ICT: ICT team, on the other hand, has discussed with technical team on interfacing between FMIS and Cambodian Public Bank. The team also continues solve different challenges relating to the usage of different devices to utilize FMIS.

Functional: Functional team has cleared data and unused transactions in 2016 to all users at National and Sub-national level while continues on supporting users and solving challenges especially those that were raised in Helpdesk from key general departments and capital-provincial treasuries.

Working group is conducting trainings on FMIS modules and various basic courses to all users at 10 line ministries; therefore, all related individuals shall be prepared to participate in all courses accordingly.

 Please download Bulletin No.42 (September 2017) with this link: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/11/Bulletin-42_-English.pdf