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Apr, 2018

Bulletin No. 46 (January 2018)

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On January 2018, FMIS Project Management Working Group had conducted a Go-live event for FMIS at 10 line-ministries and promulgated to continue the implementation of FMIS phase II to the new Line Ministries and Provincial Economy and Finance Departments in 2019.

  • Infrastructure Team

FMIS Infrastructure team had successfully connected network from the Data Center to 10-line ministries; including 10 authorized budget entities and had installed computers and IT equipment for 275 FMIS users. In addition, the team continues to monitor, fix, and take a good care of IT equipment for Users.

  • Functional Team

Functional team with the cooperation from Change Management team had given direct support and extra training to the users at their establishment, namely at the 10-line ministries and authorized budget entities in order to assist and ease the usage of FMIS system. This additional support was conducted after the FMIS training with the purpose of easing the FMIS implementation.

  • Change Management Team

Change management team had conducted and coordinated the FMIS Go-Live 2018 and made updates on FMIS website, FMIS Facebook page and posters about the activities of FMIS implementation and the progress of FMIS project. Furthermore, the team had also published and issued newsletter #13 distributed to all key stakeholders of Ministry of Economy and Finance and the 10 Line-Ministries.

For more information: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2018/04/Draft-Bulletin-46_Jan_2018_Eng.-edited.pdf