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May, 2018

Bulletin No. 48-49 (March-April 2018)

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For March and April 2018, General Secretariat of FMIS Management Working Group have prepared a workshop to spread awareness on FMIS to the 10 new Line Ministries (LMs) to implement FMIS in 2019. The working group has also went on mission to 25 provincial departments of economy and finance and the 10 LMs to gather security matrix of the new users, current business process, and likewise the locations for install all the equipment. The general secretariat, on the other hand, has finished all the necessary procurement procedures in the new data center as well as implementing the procedures itself with all the bidders.

  • Infrastructure Management Team

Recently, infrastructure team has been working on bug fixings on all the equipment of all users at 25 provincial treasuries. With that, the team took the time to survey the location of all 25 departments of economy and finance as well as the 10 new LMs for FMIS equipment installations likewise for planning on the next step.

  • Functional Management Team

Functional team has successfully developed the interface of exchange rate from National Bank of Cambodia into FMIS solved all the complicated problems in the purchase order and payment itself. With the enhancement for efficiency and capability of the system, the team continues to update on the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) by adjusting on suppliers information making the transferring goes through smoothly. Additionally, EFT has been launched for trial and has also supported on the interface of bank statements payments as well. The team did also complete their mission on identifying users of department of economy and finance and 10 line ministries.

  • Change Management Team

Change management has been working on the updates of FMIS progress information to different stakeholders on all communication channels. The team has successfully conducted the Raising Awareness workshop to the 10 Line Ministries and conducted their survey on the readiness of users in using FMIS. The analysis will help the team to develop proper plan to suit the needs of the users in conquering this change.