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Dec, 2017

Bulleting No. 43 (October)

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On October 2017, FMIS Project Management Working Group (FMWG) has conducted a meeting on the Preparation in implementing FMIS at line-ministries for the 2018 financial year under the honorable presence of H.E Dr. Hean Sahib, secretary of state of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the chairman of FMWG, additionally with participations from top management, working and implementing group of the general secretariat of MEF and those coming from line ministries as well as the authorized budget entities. As a result, all participants apprehended better on FMIS modules and its capability, well prepared for the training and the expansion of FMIS scope into authorized budget entities of MEF in 2018.

 The Working group of general secretary of FMIS project management had arranged a meeting for different consultant parties from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the general department of national treasury and the general department of budget discussing on chart of account, budget classification, and the year-end book closing. Meanwhile, around 10 officials from the Information Technology Department has participated in the training on Cash planning and Cash forecasting conducted by consultants from IMF in strengthening the capacity and knowledge on FMIS implementation. Ministry of Economy and Finance, on the other hand, has been working on signing a contract with a supplier who has won the bid on End User’s Equipment and WAN/LAN Equipment on 18th October 2017.

 According to plan of FMWG in cooperation with general department of budget and general department of national treasury, we have conducted a FMIS-users trainings on Basic computer, program budgeting, public accounting and standard operating procedure to officials who are going to use FMIS at 10 line-ministries in total of 165 trainees.  Based on the observation after courses in basic computer and standard operating procedure, trainees have gained a better knowledge up to 70% which is an incredible number.

Change management: the team has produced a video on the International Workshop on lessons from Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) and video on the success FMIS Phase I by H.E Vong Bunintreavuth. Besides  this, the team has also had an evaluation on the pre-post tests for the training on basic computer, program budgeting, public accounting and standard operating procedure to FMIS users from the 10 line-ministries. In addition, the team continues updating on website, social media, and posters to all relevance on FMIS project activities.

ICT Infrastructure: the team continues on monitoring  the Data Center (including data recovery center) that is an essential foundation in the execution of FMIS as a whole; those technical equipment are (Server, Core Switch, and Router) and non-technical equipment are (Cooling system, Generator, UPS..etc.). Likewise, they also continues on solving and supporting on the usage of equipment for users.

Functional: the team has demonstrated on budget transfer in FMIS for Multiple Business Units (MBUs) to all users at line ministries and authorized budget entities as well as consultant from U.S treasury. Furthermore, the team has  uploaded data conversion on all adjusted data and finished closing 2015 book in Production Instance for General Department of National Treasury accurately and successfully. Yet, they have also participated in a meeting on the preparation for the go-live of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) at National Bank of Cambodia and finished testing on the payment through EFT in Pre-production successfully.

Working group is conducting trainings on FMIS modules and various basic courses to all users at 10 line ministries; therefore, all related individuals shall be prepared to participate in all courses accordingly.”

Download our Bulletin 43 at: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/12/Bulletin-43-Eng.pdf