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Jul, 2014

Completed the FMIS Oracle Database 11g Administration course in Viet Nam

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From 7 to 11 July 2014 the Technical Training course of Oracle Database 11g Administration for the Technical ICT Implementation Team of FMIS was conducted with the attendance of 5 Trainee from ITD, GDNT and EFI.

The course is to provide the trainees with basic knowledge and skill on Oracle Database 11gAdministration. In the time of 5 days, the Trainee was introduced and guided to Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure; Install and configure Oracle Database 11g; Configure Oracle Net services; Monitor and administer undo data; Manage the database storage structures; Create and administer user accounts; Perform basic backup and recovery of a database; Manage data concurrency; Monitor performance and Describe Oracle Database Architecture.

After completing the course, with the good result, all Trainees received the Completion Certification provided by Oracle University.

This is the second course about Technical of FMIS project (the first course is Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration) to provide the Technical ICT Implementation Team the knowledge and skill on Oracle.