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Jan, 2016

The meeting of FMIS project management team of the IT Department for preparation to support and mentor end-users at each Capital-Provincial Treasuries

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On December 30th 2015, at 4:00 pm, the meeting room of IT Department, building “B”, 6th Floor of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Project Management Team has organized a meeting for preparation to support and mentor end-users directly at 25 Capital-Provincial Treasuries, which will be introduce to use FMIS system from January 04th 2016 until March 2016. The meeting was led by leaders of IT Department and focused on the following key points:

  1. Preparing documents for mentorship and mission

Each assigned team leader is responsible for managing their members to work by having a comprehensive control and manage all documents that need to be taken along with to achieve the mission target. Team leaders and members received the schedule for the mission for their mission preparation.


  1. The mechanism of solving challenges that may arise

Once challenges arise, the team leader has to handle at each Provincial Treasuries by discussing with the contractor team. If the challenges could not be addressed, they should be reported to the central in order for top management to deal with.


  1. Preparing reports for missions in each province

Each team leader is required to do a daily short summary report and submit to the leaders of the IT Department as a reference, especially the challenges that occur and are not able to handle within the technical level.


  1. Others

Each team has raised various questions related to the implementation of the tasks to be done and requested a guidance for arranging the cars for the mission.

Finally, the top management of IT Department advised to the mission group that they have to be  responsible for their works, especially officials responsible as head of each team who have to support at 4 provinces in parallel within a week until week 1 of March 2016. In addition, they are required to contact to central immediately on challenges that cannot be solved in order to avoid hindering the work of the Capital- Provincial Treasuries.


The meeting ended at 5:00 pm, with a solidarity and willingness to move forward to a successful mission in 25 Capital-Provincial Treasuries.