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FMIS Organization Phase 1

The FMIS Project Organization defines the human infrastructure of FMIS in which to define the project organization chart, the roles, and the relationships of the project team. For effective governance and management of the project to reach the final goal – successful implementation of FMIS, the project organization is formed to fit FMIS management requirements.

With the objective to work together as a joint project team, FIS-LG CNS and MEF project team are organized with the same structure as the project Organization chart below:



However, the Roles & major Responsibilities of each party take a bit different, for more details of Roles & major Responsibilities of each position, please refer to FMIS Roles & Major Responsibilities

Followings are the brief of each position:

Project Director

In FMIS, Project Director takes the highest position and is responsible for overall project success. The major Responsibilities of whom can be detailed such as to obtain and maintain commitment of MEF senior management to FMIS, to be responsible for high-level project planning and budgeting, project status and progress, communication within the stakeholders and FMIS Management Working Group.

Deputy Project Director

Working together and supporting project director in governance of project is the main responsibility of Deputy Project director in FMIS.


Project Manager

Project Manager is responsible for the whole program on a daily basis, the successful completion of the project in accordance with the project schedule, budget, scope, quality and detail project planning and management.

Application Technical Team Lead

Leading in the design of system architecture and system solution compliance with FMIS requirements, Application Technical Team Lead is also responsible for development strategy, development environment, establishment & maintenance all of the required environments.

Application Technical Team

This team is responsible for all activities concerning with the work stream of application technical from to design for detailed technical application, architecture components based on business requirements, configure, setup and test application, manage technical architecture to support and fix errors, point out problems during testing period.

Business Process/ Functional Team Lead

In the role of Functional Team lead, whose responsibility for all functional activities from to plan, manage the working plan corresponding with this work stream, determine, recommend business design architecture, lead design of the solution architecture, to-be process design to resolve any business solution issues.

Business Team/ Functional Team

BP Team in FMIS is responsible for conducting analysis of business process, making all concerning business process document, designing development and configuration of FMIS system.

Infrastructure Team

Infrastructure Team’s responsibility of infrastructure and development implementation such as designing system architecture, establishing development environment, the network for FMIS data center and Disaster Recovery Center and developing a standard network, various instances/environments.

Database and Security Team

Database and Security Team is responsible for installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring, maintenance, security of the system.

Change Management and Training Team

Change Management and Training Team is responsible for all activities concerning with Change Management and Training such as development and implement the change management plan, communication plan, training plan, managing and conducting communication, training activities within the project team, users and stakeholders and Project Management members.

Maintenance and Support Team

Maintenance and Support Team will be activated during the Implementation or Production Phase and Support and Maintenance Phase, whose responsibility for supporting activities during implementation period (both golive in GNDT/ MEF and rollout) and after project’s completion in purpose of maintaining the active system to operate as smooth as possible.


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