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Progress of FMIS Work stream (As of October 2014)


PM Work stream:

In Construction Phase, PMO has developed the implementation plan. This plan was put on the table on 12 September 2014 for reviewing so that it can be finalized and followed during pilot implementation and rollout in coming time.

There is also update on the Project Management Plan. The updated Project Management Plan was also being reviewed.

The detail planning for the construction phase and start of physical design and configuration and other activities was submitted to confirm at the beginning of this phase.

BP Work stream:

The purpose of BP team in Construction Phase is to finalize To-be business Process, the related document built in Elaboration phase and to transform the confirmed business requirements into an approved and working production system.

In this phase, the set of deliverables such as FMIS To-Be Process Design Document v3.01; FMIS_FIT_GAP Analysis v1.00 and FMIS Requirements Document v1.01 was completed​for review and approval.

The basis of accounting and “System Structure Analytics” was confirmed to use one Set of book for FMIS system. Based on these confirmations the temple for setup/configuration document (Application System Document) was developed and discussed.

On 30th September 2014, the final FMIS COA with 8 segments was confirmed.

Change Management (CM) & Training Work Stream

In Construction phase, the task for CM work stream is to define and mobilize the change network with the output from stakeholders and communication plan during construction phase and execute it for the remaining phases.

This is the time to execute the communication activities: maintain, update the FMIS Website, issue FMIS Newslettersand conduct site visit to Provincial Treasuries.

Up to October 2014, FMIS Newsletter #02, #03, #04 have been issued to provide to Target audience the updated information of FMIS.

The FMIS Website is frequently updated with the FMIS events, document related to FMIS and Project progress.

The mission to site visit to Provincial Treasuries has been conducted from the end of August 2014 together with Infrastructure team to communicate with stakeholders of Provincial Treasuries.

Identifying impacts of FMISis being conducted in this phase to provide to the FMIS stakeholders the information about the Change impacted by FMIS implementation.

Determining activities required to transit to the new FMIS environment is also being conducted in this phase.

Training Work Stream

In Construction phase, Training work stream is keeping conducting the Training courses as plan. There is the course of People Soft General Ledger Rel 9.2 on 17 November 2014. This course lasts in 4 days with the attendance of 5 trainees from FMIS Implementation Team.

The course of Junos Intermediate Routing lasts in 2 days, 24 and 25 November 2014 for 5 trainees from Technical ICT Implementation Team.

Besides that, preparation of the course outlines/ detail plan for the last courses will be also implemented in this phase.

Development Management

The plan for Development Management work stream in the Construction phase is to complete of configuration and development works, conduct internal unit test and mock data migration.

During the period from 02 Sept to 08 Sept 2014, the development team completed developing the tool for loading data from excel file to temporary table by SQR and Application Engine.

Joint technical teams also discussed on the detail technical plan.

Up to September 2014 Development Management team has completed building development strategy to collect and analyze inputs for development of data migration strategy and plan

The Data Conversion Strategy has been completed and the Interface Plan is pending to be confirmed.

The technical team also joined with Business Process Team to analyze reports to be developed for FMIS.

Joint development teams worked together and discussed about resources required and cooperation between the two technical teams and two BP teams for translation of dual language for FMIS.

Joint teams also discussed about interfaces with AR module (ASYCUDA, DMFAS), AP module (PAYROLL, DMFAS) on 15 Sept 2014. On the same date, both teams also discussed about interface plan and joint activities to be conducted.

Infrastructure Management

In Construction phase, Infrastructure Management team is to build Data Center (DC) and Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)and build LAN, WAN at the central level, including installation of email Software.

To the end of September 2014, all items of Non-ICT Equipment category except Generators was imported for installation at Main Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center. 3 licenses of Oracle Data Integrator and Application Adapter for Data Integration were also delivered.

The construction of Data Center, Disaster Recovery Center, and training rooms is completely finished. Currently, the working group is installing electricity system and IT equipment which was imported and arrived at the MEF