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FMIS Project Scope

MEF’s strategy has set out a two-phase implementation in which phase one (the current phase) of the FMIS is intended to implement only main treasury function that enable budgetting and commitment. The scope will engage with MEF’s key general departments (General Department of Natioanl Treasury, Budget, Sub-National Administration and Finance, Internal Audit, and General Inspectoarate Department) and other 25 provincial and municipal treasuries. The FMIS Modules in this stage includes:



FMIS Function Vs. Line Departments


For the phase two, it is envisaged, that subject to successes and benefits attained that the FMIS will, in the future, then be extended to encompass the full and wider aspects of the PFM System. Future tenders would include extending functionality coverage through additional modules, namely: Budget Planning and Formulation; Procurement (full Purchasing or Purchase Orders Module); Fixed Assets; and Inventory. These modules are not being implemented or configured under this first phase (current tender), it is critical to MEF’s longer term objectives that the functionality of these future modules is also furnished in the proposed solution.

The future implementations would extend the full functionality of the FMIS to all Line Ministries, all MEF Departments, and eventually all Government Projects.

List of Abbreviation

BFD Budget Formulation Department
GDSNAF General Department Sub-National Administration Finance
FAD Financial Affairs Department
DI Department of Investment
DCDM Department of Cooperation and Debt Management
PPD Public Procurement Department
GDNT General Department of National Treasury
GDCE General Department of Customs and Excise
GDT General Department of Taxation
NBC National Bank of Cambodia
MPF Ministry of Public Functions
GDIA General Department of Internal Audit
GID General Inspectoriat Department