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Oct, 2015

Face-to-Face Communication with 12 Provincial Treasuries for FMIS Project Implementation

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From August 13 to September 11, 2015 Change Management Team and Infrastructure Team of IT Department of FMWG conducted missions to 12 provincial treasuries, 2 provincial treasuries were visited per week. The main purposes of these missions are: first, the team aimed to disseminate the progress of FMIS project implementation, to mention the next tasks to be implemented, and to talk about specific benefit of using FMIS in order to get more support for FMIS implementation. Second, the team wanted to select change agents for each provincial treasury in order to be the representatives of Change Management (CM) team at central for dissemination of FMIS project and coordinate with urgent issues. Third, the team needed to check the location for FMIS installation and connection quality from Data Center at Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). The last but not least, the team requested the top managements and officials to complete the survey about Change Readiness, answered questions, and noted suggestions or issues and requests pertaining to FMIS implementation for identifying so that they would be solved on time by the project team and if not, will be submitted to top management of MEF.

During the mission, the team has completed the following tasks:

1/ Presented the FMIS implementation by showing the overall progress of FMIS implementation, status of key activities, modules for provincial treasuries, and other benefits of using FMIS. In addition, the team also encouraged the provincial officials and top managements to ask questions not only during the presentation but also at the end in order to strengthen​ ​good relationship and interaction and the teams promptly respond or explain them. Relevant documents such as presentation handouts, bulletins, updated news, newsletters, and others were distributed.

2/  Top managements and officials of each province were asked to fill in the survey about Change Readiness, which took around 15 minutes to 20 minutes, in the purpose of measuring their understanding and other issues regarding to FMIS project implementation. All the information collected from provincial treasuries are critical input for the Change Management Team to analyze and improve change management strategies and activities, particularly communication plan.

3/ The CM team also requested one qualified Change Agent from each provincial treasury to be the representative for supporting and dealing with any issue regarding FMIS project implementation.

4/ The ICT Infrastructure Team of IT Department thoroughly check the location for FMIS installation, and network connection called “Dedicated Line” from Data Center at MEF. The team carefully examined the quality of Bandwidth and Dedicated Line installation to each provincial treasury, which is by EZECOM Company.

After completing the missions, the team received satisfactory result as expected. Top managements and officials of each provincial treasury were able to understand more clearly on FMIS project, especially the progress, benefit, modules for each provincial treasury, schedule for training, and transitional stage for the near future. the top managements and officials were deeply interested in using FMIS, hoping that the system would be able to reduce burden of their tedious daily tasks.

The survey was collected right after the provincial staffs had completed; and the Change Management team has been analyzing gradually on that result and published part of it in Newsletter 06. Based on the survey, the team and World Bank specialist start  set out overall action plan for upcoming Go-live 2 ( in October 2015) and roll-out (in January 2016) plan specifically, the Change Management action plan to ensure smoothness, effectiveness, and success. The team received 12 qualified change agents that was appointed by their top management from each provincial treasury and will continue to recruit more change agents for all remaining provincial treasuries. Rather than this, the network connection was completely checked and tested.

All in all, most of the issues or concerns, and requests from the provincial treasuries can be solved because the teams already carefully considered and discussed, especially regarding the trainings to strengthen the capacity of trainers. Most importantly, all the trainees, who will be FMIS users, will be required to attend the trainings until they are surly capable of using FMIS. For some issues or concerns and requests will be dealt with when the FMIS system is up and running. However, there is big issue regarding electricity power blackout which most of the provincial treasuries are facing. Both ITD Teams and provincial treasuries are deeply worried about this issue because FMIS equipment would easily be damaged if the power supply is not stable; as a result, the whole project will be affected. Thus, the team will prioritize this issue to request additional fund to buy generators, air conditioners, and power stabilizers to support FMIS project implementation. In case this issue cannot be solved, it will be escalated to the top managements of MEF for giving recommendation or solution.