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Jun, 2014

Finalized the Project Management Plan for FMIS

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The FMIS project management plan was jointly developed by MEF and FIS-LG CNS for the effective management and successful implementation of FMIS. Crossing many meetings, discussions amongst MEF, World Bank and FIS-LG CNS, on 21 May 2014 the finalized Project management plan was submitted for sign-off by MEF

The kit of FMIS project management plan includes 10 sub-plans to addresses the following subjects:

  • FMIS Project Management Plan: cover all the overview of specific plan for FMIS
  • FMIS Project Control & Tracking: this plan to monitor and manage FMIS project schedule and staffing plan; set out the approach for requirements management, documentation/materials management and team effectiveness, communication method, communication channels at various levels and stages of the project; effectively organize the work of the project.
  • FMIS Change Management Plan: to provide the rationale, approach, activities, roles and responsibilities relating to Change Management for the FMIS project, to highlight the main contractual obligations of MEF and FIS-LG CNS Join venture in executing the Change Management Plan.
  • FMIS Project Plan (MPP): to provide the detail plan as date for all the FMIS project from the Inception phase to the end of FMIS project implementation
  • FMIS Human Resource Plan: to outline common human resource principles for management of all project staff.
  • FMIS Close Out Plan: to provide the framework around which activities will be managed at the end of the project with identifying when the close out plan will be initiated and description of the key activities which should be completed. This plan is to be executed at the end of the last milestone on the project which is the Final System Acceptance Completed and signed-off.
  • FMIS Appendix I Training Plan: contains the detailed trainings for all training activities occurred during the timeline of project. This document identifies the “who, what, when and where” in detail for effective training conduct:
  • FMIS Appendix II Quality Management Plan: to developing total quality plan to establish, monitor, and ensure quality objectives for the project work products as well as the project delivery process. This process describe the quality process, standards and procedures that will be used during the project implementation and also should facilitate the stakeholders involved in the product acceptance to verify its conformance to stipulated requirements.
  • FMIS Deliverable Acceptance Procedure: To make sure that the process and timeline for the review and acceptance of the deliverables is achieved; any disapproval, reasons for disapproval and proposed modifications are documented, formally addressed, and issues raised where necessary; and to provide a description of the steps and responsibilities for team members with respect to the acceptance of project deliverables.
  • FMIS Testing Strategy: determines the project’s approach to testing: test planning, test types, test script development, and test execution.