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Jun, 2018

FMIS Equipment Installation at 25-Provincial Departments of Economy and Finance (PDEF).

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After studying Current Business Process, identifying location for storing divided Intranet, electricity network, and studying actual workplace of top management and government officials who will be using FMIS, General Secretariat of FMIS management  working group, from May 7 to August 4, 2018, has been working on installing IT equipment in the Rack board including Fire Wall, Router, Switch and UPS, and  installed Intranet and electricity network from the actual workplaces of the top management and officials who will be using FMIS to divided network and security control system at 25 provincial Departments of Economy and Finance (PDEF) to connect to Data Centre and Data Recovery Centre before installing computers in the next step.

Additionally, the 25 Provincial Departments of Economy and Finance will be using FMIS on 4 modules including Budget Allocation (BA), Account Payable (AP), Account Receivable (AR), and Purchased Order (PO). PDEF as well as line Ministries (LMs) will benefit from FMIS as the following:

  1. Having accountability and ownership of managing and implementing budget
  2. Reducing hard-copy documents in the process of each procedures.
  3. Monitoring budget implementation to be more effective in Ministries, line Departments and sub-national units under guidance of receiving financial reports and budget report timely.
  4. Receiving a foundation in reviewing Business Process which are obstacles to budget implementation.
  5. Easy to control and implement program budgeting by using budget classification that already exists in the system.
  6. Easy to monitor budget credit for Ministries, Line Departments, sub-national units solely and timely.
  7. Utilize FMIS as to process financial transactions. Meanwhile, when FMIS first implemented, manual documents are still used; however, those manual documents have been gradually reduced.
  8. Monitor the process of budget implementation through workflow in the FMIS (entering, reviewing and approving).

Please download mission schedule here