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Jul, 2018

FMIS Management working group has conducted “FMIS Refreshment Training” for government officials from 10 LMs and ABEs who are using FMIS

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In order to fulfil FMIS End Users’ suggestions that was requested through Training-Need -Assessment which had clarified on issues FMIS End users are facing daily including frequently requests on resetting password, guidance to using Windows Remote Assistance to communicate to FMIS working group, and summary of 4 modules that top management and officials are using, General Secretariats of FMWG has conducted “ FMIS Refreshment Training” for officials from 10 Line Ministries (LMs) and Authorized Budget Entities (ABEs) who are using the FMIS phase II. This training was held on 31 May, 2018 at Ministry of Economy and Finance. In the training, FMIS management working group had presented the main points of each modules to give a recap to the End users as well as raise issues that users were facing and seek solutions for those issues.

At the beginning of 2018, Ministry of Economy and Finance has officially rolled out FMIS phase II to 10 LMs and ABEs and in the upcoming 2019, FMIS will be rolled out to 10 more Line Ministries and 25 municipal-provincial Departments of Economy and Finance.