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Nov, 2017

FMIS Newsletter #012

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Table of Contents:

Study Tour of Lao PDR’s Delegations on FMIS Implementation in Cambodia

Lao PDR Delegations Admire on the Quick Change on the Reform of Cambodia’s Public Financial Management

Capital Provincial Economy and Finance Departments are Prepared to Use FMIS after Gaining Experience from Capital Provincial Treasuries

Human Resource is the Key to FMIS Success

ICT team went to monitor, maintain, and solve problems for CPTs

Overview of Account Payable

The Interface between FMIS and General Department of Taxation agreed on 4 Points

FMIS creates an “Alert Message” on Accuracy to Avoid Creating Wrong Voucher

105 Officials from CPTs and CPEFD Received Trainings on Foundation IT

Driver of Change in Public Service

You can download FMIS Newsletter #012  from this link: https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/11/Newsletter-12-Eng_V5.pdf