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Dec, 2017

FMIS Quiz Winner

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Congratulations to Mr. Tum SokChea, deputy head of budget office of Mondulkiri Provincial Economy and Finance Department for wining a power bank from FMIS project management working group.

Please describe on organizations that are using FMIS and those who will start using in 2018.

Answer: organizations using FMIS are:
general department of national treasury, general department of international cooperation and debt management, general department of budget, general department of sub-national administration, general inspectorate department, general department of internal audit, general department of public procurement, and 25 capital-provincial treasuries while those to be using in 2018 are:

1.Ministry of Economy and Finance
2.Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
3.Ministry of Health
4.Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
5.Ministry of labor and Vocational Training

6.Ministry of Women Affair
7.Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication
8.Ministry of Civil Service
9.Ministry of Environment
10.Ministry of Industry and Handicraft

What are the changes occur when FMIS is put in place?

Answer: FMIS implementation will bring in the changes including:
– A more effective, transparent, and accountable budget monitoring both of ministry and capital-provincial department level as well as of sub-national entity by receiving  report and budget data timely.
– Easy for program budgeting management and implementation by using budget classification that is in the system
– Convenient in monitoring budget credit for line ministries, capital provincial economy and finance department, and sub-national entity with accuracy and timely manner
– Reduce the use of incentives in processing documents at each procedure and the use of abundant of human resource and  the use of office supplies including papers, folders
– Easy for report filling by quarter, semester, and year as the system monitors automatically since the first check of credit
– Communicate with entities that has a role in checking the transfer credit from one     activity to another with the ability to cross check the credit in the system.