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Jan, 2016

FMIS Training for End Users

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Starting from September 22 till the end of December 2015 in building B of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, there were number of training courses on “Financial Management Information System Training for End-User” being conducted. The courses were held by the FMWG team of the Department of Technology in coordination with the FMIS contractor team. Trainees are all FMIS users from  General Department of Budget (GDB), General Department of National Treasury (GDNT), General Department of Internal Audit (GDIA), General Department of Sub-National Administration Finance (GDSNAF), General Inspectorate Department (GID), and 16 capital-provincial treasuries (who will use FMIS system in early January 2016. For this training, the Business Process team in IT department for each module was the trainers with support from contractor team. The modules for this training are: Budget Allocation, Purchasing, Cash Management, Account Payable, Account Receivable, and General Ledger; and they have different roles based in the FMIS system as below៖​

  • Budget Allocation:
    • Budget Entry and Virement Officer
    • Budget Approver
    • Budget Manager
    • Budget Controller & Budget Analyzer
  • Purchasing (this module will not be used for provincial treasuries:
    • Purchasing Requester
    • Purchasing Buyer 1 &2
    • Confirmer
    • Purchasing Receiver
    • Procurement Administrator
  • Account Payable:
    • Payables Officer​
    • Voucher Posting
    • Control Group Reviewer
    • EO Admin & Voucher Approver
    • AP Withholding Manager
    • Payables Manager
    • AP Financial Analyzer
    • Payment Reviewer
    • Payment Officer
    • Payment Approver
  • Accounting Receivable:
    • Create Deposit
    • Pending Item
    • Refund Deposit
    • Write off
    • Direct Journal
    • Transfer worksheet
    • Maintenance worksheet
    • Customer Correspondent
    • Customer Inquiry and Report
  • Cash Management:
    • Bank Account Transfer Officer
    • Create/ Generate Accounting Entry/ Accounting Entry Correction Officer
    • Entry/ Import Bank Statement Officer
    • Reconcile Officer
    • Bank Account Transfer Confirmer
    • Bank Account Transfer Confirmer/ Accounting Entry Reviewer/ Confirmer
    • Pay Cycle Process Officer
    • Cash Clearing Officer
  • General Ledger:
    • Financial Manager
    • Financial Regulator
    • Financial Officer
    • Journal Approver
    • Financial Analyzer

During the training course, the Join Team did their best to instruct both theory and practice to all the trainees for all modules. The training is intended to instill basic knowledge of each module and role in the FMIS system for the trainees; and during the role-out, the join teams will further stretch on-site support for those FMIS user at the Capital-provincial treasuries until the officials are confident and have enough capacity to use the system for their daily task. After the training, the trainees comprehend the courses and being able to practice directly using their actual documents in FMIS system, with useful advice regarding each role. As a result, all the trainees are confident enough to use the system at their workplace even the training period is a little bit short. Last but least, it is decided that all the remaining challenges related to daily task  will be solved gradually and step by step.