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Aug, 2017

H.E Dr. Hean Sahib “ I want to see One Team Working together for Effectiveness, Transparency, Timely, and with Procedure”

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H.E Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretariat of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance and Chairman of FMWG suggested to have a team working towards effectiveness, transparency, timely, and with procedures for monitoring and evaluating on bids for FMIS technical devices. H.E Stated that in a meeting with FMIS project management working group (FMWG) to “Monitor and Discuss on technical needs and other conditions to announce for Invitation to Bid” on 24th June 2017 at Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss on preparation for FMIS implementation to 10 LMs. Secretariat of FMWG of Information Technology Department have prepared on all technical and other related requirements in preparing the bid documents on package of FMIS technical devices for network connection, data center, computers, and Bandwidth.

Forming a committee for monitoring and evaluating on the bid of FMIS was still on hold for approval from H.E Dr. Senior Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance.