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Aug, 2017

IMF Delegates on Mission to Study FMIS

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With interest on the implementation and to support on technical parts, International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sent over their delegates to study in depth on FMIS implementation and usage.

IMF will be discussing with different teams of FMIS Project Management Working Group (FMWG) to look on the progress and challenges relating to daily usage and technical part of FMIS, which starts from 30th November at Information Technology Department (ITD) of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

On 17th-18th IMF delegates have studied on modules and operating procedures in FMIS with presentation from ITD officials. On 21st-22nd , IMF delegates, FMWG of ITD, department of financial affairs of general department of budget and general department of national treasuries have discussed on budget classification, and chart of account which are being used in FMIS and operating procedures outside FMIS. Delegates will continue the discussion with relevant stakeholders on this matters including IPSAS report, change management, and capacity building.

At the end of the mission, IMF worked on filing report on FMIS case in Cambodia, which includes an overview of the project, challenges, and solution that FMWG has chosen to implement in order to strengthen Public Finance Management in Cambodia.

The team has also hoped that their mission offered frutiful inputs making FMIS implementation in Cambodia successfully supporting the progress of Public Finance Management Reform Program of the Royal Government of Cambodia.