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Dec, 2014

Insights into FMIS implementation for FMIS Stakeholders

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Using information

FMIS (PeopleSoft) will be implemented with a large suite of reporting tools available to authorized users. This allows a broad range of data extraction and formats that will enhance the use of data extracted from the system. There are a suite of standard but parameter-driven reports, ad hoc enquiry tools and reports that can be built to order (customized) to suit very specific requirements.

In addition to the PeopleSoft reporting capacity, the project will also deliver a Data Warehouse and a set of Business Intelligence tools which will be used to collect standard reports from FMIS and merge them with non-financial data such as, for example, number of graduating students, reduction in incidents of a disease, reduction in traffic accidents, trends in forex and interest rates.

Reports and their use will be explained in greater detail during training programs and some may be described in newsletters and on the project web site.

Support for Users

Information about the project

Information about the project will be made available through word of mouth, regular newsletters and the project web site and also through visits to provinces.

Attempts to produce a regular series of newsletters have been less successful than hoped and we are revising the newsletter structure and content to make it more relevant and informative than it has been so far.

The project web site has also proven to be less effective than hoped and the usage of the web site is also under review. It is the project team’s objective to greatly improve these forms of communication in the near future and will appreciate any suggestions from interested people.


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Insights into FMIS Implementation for FMIS Stakeholders

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