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Jul, 2016

The discussion with regard to the working progress between GSC’s ITD and GDNT

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A meeting between working groups from General Secretariat Committee’s Information Technology Department (ITD) and General Department of National Treasury (GDNT) was held on Thursday morning to follow up the working progress on report and other issues requested by GDNT. As a result, both sides have come to an agreement consisting of following outcomes: 1.Preparation of General Ledger report format. 2. Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) on National Bank report interface and implementation of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT); and 3. Preparation of initiating new chart of account for 2017.

The working groups will continue to cooperation in one sharp direction, aiming to solve any existing as well as upcoming issues. In the near future, more activities will be utilized to ensure some action plans such as 1. Piloting General Ledger report on July 07 & 08, 2. Enforcing the MoU with NBC and Canadia Bank, 3. Launching official EFT after the final testing, 4. Reducing hardcopy-based documentation from General Department of Customs and Excise; and 5. Solving other problems in expense, income, and cash.