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Aug, 2017

Ministry of Civil Service: We Determine to Implement FMIS yet still Worried

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General Secretariat of FMIS project management working group (FMWG) went for raising awareness on FMIS Phase II implementation at Ministry of Civil Service (MCS) on 27th February 2017 with around 50 participants including finance officer, top management, and representatives from Royal University of Administration, and H.E Oul Ro General Director of General Department of Administration and Finance and the Vice President of FMIS implementation working group of MCS.

H.E stated that MCS understands about the sense of urgency in implementing FMIS as part of Public Finance Management Reform Program while also worried about some aspects specifically on his official’s capacity on this new system and also on security devices and installation of FMIS itself at the MCS.

Mrs. Chap Sovannara Deputy Director ensured that all concerns raised above will not be a challenge to FMIS implementation for FMWG has prepared ahead on all technical devices and the monitoring on security matters. Additionally, she has placed emphasis on training series that will come with assessment to ensure that officials will have enough ability to use the system with no or less problems.

In 2016, MCS has just started using program budgeting and right now starting with FMIS as well. In that sense, FMIS will assist hugely on program budgeting implementation since FMIS has already been coded with clusters of activities and the new chart of account, assisting officials on their financial works.

H.E Oul Ro ensured that FMIS implementing working group (FIWG) of MCS is ready to collaborate with FMWG to study business process as well as any technical preparation.

After the presentation as well as questions and answers, official understood better and showed confidence in receiving the system in the nearest future.