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Apr, 2016

News Bulletin Issue 24 (April 2016)

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FMIS Project Management Working Group (FMWG) from IT department has now officially launched the implementation of FMIS Phase I at all 25 Capital-Provincial Treasuries (C-PTs) with success just as planned. As examined at General Departments, Departments and C-PTs, the knowledge and capacity of the officers as the system end-users were improving through time, enabling the FMIS a tool to enhance their work’s efficiency in the meantime and in the future. The FMWG also worked intensively on revising the final revision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Procure to Pay Processes, which will work as an official guideline for General Departments and Departments in FMIS implementation.

ITD technical team was also testing the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) with commercial banks’ system interface while legal approval from top management was being processed before the official launch of the function. In addition, some remaining technical works regarding interface integration between FMIS with ASYCUDA and Payroll systems were fully finished in the time frame to ensure the capacity of our system.

On the other hand, Change Management team has continued endorsing the relevant stakeholders to keep their supports on FMIS implementation by providing news and information related to the implementation through communication approaches from face-to-face meeting to mediated mean through social media and website. Moreover, the team has collected the inputs reflected from the experience of end-users at C-PTs, which is a very significant factor contributing to buy-in stage of the implementation.

On the contrary, the Information Technology Infrastructure and Telecommunication team and Training team have been cooperating very closely to monitor the system as well as to provide any supports to the users on both technical and functional aspects. Additionally, the Training team is now planning the supplementary support program to all 25 C-PTs to ensure that the users feel confident in using the system by providing more training and solutions to problems faced by the users. At the same time, Information Technology Infrastructure and Telecommunication team have been earnestly tracing the performance of FMIS in term of technicality and network equipment before signing the good receive note agreement with the system contractor.

In the stage of FMIS implementation, FMWG calls for, as well as, encourages the key stakeholders to continue supporting the FMIS with strong commitment and activeness. The working group will continue providing coordination in timely manner to solve all problems interfering the implementation of FMIS.

Please download the News Bulletin Issue 24 at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2016/09/160725OV_Bulletin_24_ENG.pdf