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May, 2017

News Bulletin Issue 32 (November 2016)

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Delegates of International Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed two different teams of FMIS Management Working Group to discuss about progress of the project implementation and other challenges related to daily works and about technicality of the FMIS itself, which was held from 17th-30th of November 2016 at Information Technology Department of Ministry of Economy and Finance. In the meeting, delegates of IMF, working group of ITD, department of budget of general department of budget and general department of national treasuries have discussed on budget classifications and chart of accounting that are being used in FMIS and other operating procedures outside of the system.

In November, functional team of FMIS has been reviewing on the budget law with the reports in FMIS for sub-national and 25 capital-provincial levels. With that, working group is also preparing guidelines for setting suppliers’ names to be consistent for using in FMIS and are finishing up entering 2016 opening balance into the system for capital and provincial treasuries. Additionally, the working group is also assisting and supporting all related general departments in order to finish standard operating procedure (SOP) before 15th December 2016.

On the other hand, working group of infrastructure and information technology is also continuing to go on site for installing technical devices for additional users at 25 capital-provincial treasuries and also preparing plan for installing power engine, electricity stabilizer and auto connection of electricity to provincial treasuries that have not been installed during last month installation of technical devices.

Functional and technical team of FMIS still continue to support users at capital and provincial treasuries by answering related questions and entering of transactions, and other operating procedure both in and outside the system and as well as technical works related to ensure a smooth and  effective implementation of the system.

Change management team has been approved from top management on their design of FMIS logo and have finished producing video about FMIS benefits for using as awareness purpose. FMIS management working group and representative of World Bank have also discussed in choosing to expand FMIS implementation to some line ministries in Phase II, this upcoming 2017.

 In this stage, working group suggests and motivates all related entities to continue using the system with activeness and attentiveness. FMWG will continue to support and assist at all time to solve any challenges in the purpose of developing FMIS to be more feasible and effective.

Please download the News Bulletin issue 32 at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/05/Bulletin-32-Eng-ENT.pdf