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May, 2017

News Bulletin Issue 33 (December 2016)

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FMIS management working group plans to have a meeting about the “Preparation of management and implementation working groups and FMIS Phase II implementation” with top management of 10 line ministries and related general departments of Ministry of Economy and Finance, whom will be participating in FMIS 2017 implementation. This meeting is chaired by H.E Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance, Chairman of FMIS Project Management Working Group, representative of H.E.Dr. Aun Pornmoniroth, Senior Minister, Minister of Ministry of Economy and Finance.

On 16th of December 2017, FMIS management working group of department of information technology has prepared a workshop about “Review on Progress of FMIS Implementation at Capital-provincial treasuries.”  This workshop was attended by director of treasuries and their focal officials who are FMIS users and was held in the purpose of following up on the progress of using FMIS and other challenges that treasuries have been facing.

In December, change management team has prepared to implement their action plan and start to officially implement with other 10 line ministries on early February 2017 including Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft.  Meanwhile, the team is also assisting all key general departments in order to finish standard operating procedure before the implementation of FMIS Phase II. The team has also prepared documents and video for raising awareness at the 10 line ministries in 2017 while preparing strategies and communication programs as well as continuing to promote about the progress and news of FMIS to all stakeholders.

On the other hand, functional team of FMIS also continues to support and solve any challenges of users at capital-provincial treasuries such as responding to questions and entering of transactions, other related works both in and outside of the system. Other technical support has also been performed to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of FMIS in 2017. Moreover, functional team is also preparing to study current business process of the 10 line ministries to ensure effective implementation.

Working group of infrastructure and information technology is continuing to install technical devices for users at six capital-provincial treasuries and planning to continue installing power engine, electricity stabilizer, and auto connection of electricity to capital-provincial treasuries.

At this stage, working group suggests and motivates all related entities to continue using the system with activeness and attentiveness. FMWG will continue to support and assist at all time to solve any challenges in the purpose of developing FMIS to be more feasible and effective. Also, please all 10 line ministries whom will participate in the implementation of FMIS prepare themselves to implement the system with management working group that will be starting at the nearest time.

Please download the News Bulletin issue 33 at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/05/Bulletin-33-Eng-ENT.pdf