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May, 2017

News Bulletin Issue 37 (April 2017)

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In this April, FMIS Management Working Group has cooperated with technical team from World Bank in organizing workshop on “Managing Change, Business Process Improvement and SOP” which was held on 27th-28th at Sunway Hotel with participations of top management and members of implementation working group from 10 line ministries. As a result, trainees have received more understanding on Change Management, benefits of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and most importantly understanding better about their role and responsibilities in supporting and implementing FMIS Phase II.

In the meantime, capacity building and business analysis team are actively involved in refreshment training on FMIS usage to officials from 25 capital-provincial treasuries in order to strengthen their capacity to be more effective and be able to enter transactions on time. Meanwhile, officials of Information Technology Department are being trained on soft skills to develop their ability and knowledge in handling their current works.

Besides, functional team of FMIS still continues supporting and solving any challenges of users at capital-provincial treasuries while business analysis team has drafted current business process and made presentation on the amended flow chart of current procedure to line ministries for their review and sign.

Other than continuing to solve problem, fix and maintain technical devices of FMIS at related general departments of National and Sub-National, infrastructure team continues to study and review on  quality and system security to find any defects needed to be strengthen.

FMIS Management Working Group (FMWG) will review on supporting documents of current operating procedures of line ministries and procedure in the system to develop standard operating procedure; therefore, please implementation working group of line ministries kindly cooperate to review on the operating procedure documented by FMWG as soon as possible, helping our FMIS implementation to be successful with timely manner as planned.   

Please download the News Bulletin issue 37 at https://fmis.mef.gov.kh/contents/uploads/2017/05/Bulletin-37-Eng-ENT.pdf