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Aug, 2017

No Pain, No Gain

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After FMIS implementation in 2016 at General Department of National Treasury and 25 Capital-Provincial Treasuries, it is now being rolled out to 10 Line-Ministries. This shows the success of Phase I leading Phase II implementation. With this continuous success, it has been observed that human resource is the key to be effective, accurate, and transparent in public finance management.

In fact, every success went through many obstacles. Same goes to FMIS’s success, being where it is today takes so much determinations of the users to go through every obstacles since starting to use the system with little knowledge to users who are able to confidently utilize the system.

Obviously, Mr. Pot Sart, Director of Kompong Thom Provincial Treasury, stated in an interview with FMWG that “Promptly after the implementation; we required to use the system immediately which we thought was very difficult since we never used it before. We motivated along the way and try to solve problems as much as we can; therefore, I always motivate our officials that any problems can be solved and supported by management teams from General Department of National Treasury and from Ministry of Economy and Finance when we have huge problems”

He added that “To me, even though it was very difficult at the start until now, I am still very glad towards top management for implementing this system in helping our tasks. It is definitely a reform from Pain to Gain that is in the royal government strategies.”

The treasury director has also suggested all Line-Ministries to accept this standardized system for he believes that FMIS will help the royal government of Cambodia especially the Ministry of Economy and Finance most importantly help on the Public Finance Management Reform Program.

Not so different from what the director of Kompong Thom Provincial Treasury has raised, Mr. Sivon Khemarun, director of Battambang Provincial Treasury, raised about the proudness of being able to use this standardized system. He stated that “FMIS is a standard system which enables a more disciplined budgeting.” Relating to the motivation, he has always motivated his officials to have willingness in using the system. He always tells his officials that “For the sake of our Cambodia properly manage finance and cash, we all have to participate and continue the good works in using the system.”

Delegates from World Bank, Mr. So Sokbunthoeun visited sites at some Capital-Provincial Treasuries observing about FMIS progress last month reckoned that human resource is the most important tool ensuring the success. He stated that “I believe there are many improvements and those happen because of human resources. They have tried very hard to learn new thing though they know nothing about the system at the first place .For now, I see the enthusiasm and happiness in using the system and the system usage itself is smoother without any disruptions.” In that event, he has also praised FMIS for having been built with convenience.