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Sep, 2017

Pull Things Together for FMIS implementation at Line Ministries for 2018 Financial Year

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General Secretariat of FMIS Management Working Group has conducted a meeting on Getting ready for FMIS implementation at Line Ministries for 2018 Financial Year” with key general departments in order to discuss and gather inputs helping to solve challenges and be ready for FMIS implementation at line ministries in the upcoming future.

The meeting was conducted under the leadership of H.E Dr. Hean Sahib, Secretary of State of Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Chairman of FMIS Project Management Working Group (FMWG), on the 27th of September, 2017 at Ministry of Economy and Finance  and was participated by key general departments including general department of budget, general department of national treasury, general department of public procurement, general inspectorate department, general department of international cooperation and debt management, economy and finance institute, general department of sub-national administration finance, and general department of internal audit.

Stated in the meeting, H.E Dr. Hean Sahib said that this meeting is very essential for FMWG as well as Ministry of Economy and Finance to have a clear foundation set for FMIS implementation at the 10 line ministries.

With the opportunity, FMWG has presented new FMIS features designed for better security and feasibility accelerating the implementation towards success and efficiency. Additionally, the working group has raised 7 points for discussions which mainly focus on the role and responsibilities in-outside of the system between Ministry of Economy and Finance who perform as the financial director, general department of national treasury who is the public accountant, and line ministries who are the upcoming users of FMIS for implementing the budget.

Fruitful result from the meeting, relevant general departments shown their support and appreciations on the new achievements in increasing security and efficiency of the system for users. Likewise, H.E Nhem Khemra, Deputy General of General Department of Budget, raised that “We cannot deny that FMIS has accelerated tasks and planning of general department of budget over the years.” 

After the meeting, FMWG will be continuing their discussion with relevant general departments within one week to gather final inputs for top management to approve before the very close and coming implementation at line ministries.